Hi, I'm Katy a qualified Personal Development and Life Fulfilment Coach

How I re-invented my return to work job 

For a long time, I worked within the Heritage Sector, leading a Visitor Experience team at several places within the South West, helping to look after special places to leave a leagacy for future generations.


I loved my purposeful work, developing my team and seeing them grow in their skills, experience and ultimately confidence to become the best version of themselves which enabled them to deliver high levels of service to everyone visiting.


In 2014 and 2018 I negotiated returning to my role on a flexible working pattern after being on parental leave twice. I did this through recruiting, training and developing a fantastic team of staff and volunteers to support the visitor operation.


Enabling me to lead on the department’s business plan objectives and also lead the visitor experience of a major  £3.2 million restoration project.

Discovering what I wanted and making it happen

In 2020, as a result of the fall out of the Covid pandemic, I took voluntary redundancy.


I knew that I wanted to use my people skills in my next career path, so with my warm, calm and empathetic approach and a desire to reach and help far more people, after my own journey of self explorations, I decided I wanted to become a coach!

So in 2020, I decided to make it official and went through a rigorous training programme for 11 months, to achieve my diploma and become a certified Personal Devlopment coach with The Coaching Academy.

I now use my coaching to help..


- Mums take those courageous steps towards their calling in life, putting their needs first to realise what's possible without compromising their family priorities.


- Senior Professionals who have worked in a role for many years and are questioning their next steps and are seeking clarity, direction and professional career transition suppport. 

Being a mum and a senior professional in my previous career, there were many times where I would have loved support to work out my steps in life. 

Figuring this out on your own can be hard. 

My skillset and support

This is where I can help you, I've done it the hard way so you don't have to. Drawing on my experience, professional coaching skills and working through my bespoke 'Find Your Focus' Programme, I can help you make the right choices to live a happy and fulfilled life.

If you need help with interview preparation I offer this as a stand alone or part of a coaching package. Drawing on my 15 years of recruitment & selection experience in the conservation and charity sector.  I offer coaching and mentoring to build your confidence in applying and attending interviews so you have a good chance of securing that dream role.


Personality Profiling

Within my coaching and as a stand alone, I use DISC Personality Profiling, to discover what makes you TICK!.


I’d used this tool for years with my team and it's an amazing way to discover more about yourself and others and it's an excellent way to learn and play to your strengths.


The fantastic benefits of this tool blew me away and that’s why I decided to become accredited to profile people using the DISC system.


It can be used to determine what career might best suit your personality, to understand why you might get on with some people better than others and ultimately what makes you tick. It can also be used to determine personality traits within your family and understand why you might clash or get along better with certain family members. 


If you’re ready to put yourself first and regain a sense of who you are and what you want in life, let’s chat. X