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Hi, I'm Katy - holistic coach and wellbeing practitioner for adoptive parents.
Helping you achieve that harmonious balance of family time and 'me' time!

Through my decade-long journey as an adoptive parent, I know what a rollercoaster of emotions this can bring.


That’s why I’m on a mission to build and offer peer support, so we can navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood through adoption together!


I empower adoptive parents just like you with the tools, strategies and support you need to enhance your overall wellbeing, manage stress and navigate all the complexities that come with being an adoptive parent. 

My story



Back in 2020, I was experiencing a particularly tough time. Family demands meant we were all struggling to find balance, calm and connection with each other. A long put off call to post adoption support helped in one aspect..


.. I was put forward for a 10 week therapeutic parenting course, which helped me realise I was doing okay and other parents were struggling with similar issues, which felt reassuring.


Emotional and wellbeing support specific for me, as an adoptive parent wasn't there.


So I decided to take matters into my own hands, and I put that support in place both for myself and other adoptive parents!


Navigating my own deeply personal experience has given me deep insights into the joys and complexities of adoption. It’s also made me realise that if we don’t look after ourselves, we’re far less likely to be able to respond to life's ups and downs (of which there are many!) from a place of calm and positivity.


I firmly believe that if we want to create a calm and positive environment for our children, we need to prioritise our own wellbeing. And this isn’t a luxury. It’s vital! 


Which is why I’m here today… supporting adoptive parents like you to find that harmonious balance of family time and 'me' time while reconnecting to what you truly want from life!


I can offer career coaching as part of my L.I.F.E. coaching package, which is bespoke to your needs.

As an ICF-certified coach, I offer a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing space for adoptive parents to explore their challenges, celebrate successes, and embrace personal growth.

If you’re ready to prioritise your wellbeing, so you can reconnect to who you truly are and be the best parent you can possibly be, it would be an honour to support you. 

Book a free 30-minute virtual coffee and chat using the link below 


Max, Calm & Clarity Session

“Over the course of the following week I made several fairly important decisions-including turning down work that doesn’t really fit with where I’m going at themoment. Thinking more clearly abouthow to delegate some of the mundane home-life jobs. I had some difficult, but ultimately worthwhile conversations. That have all led to me taking more control of my own life rather than doing what I (or others) deem I ‘should’ be doing. I feel optimistic. Thank you"

5 Fun Facts About Me!


I'm a Yorkshire lass, but I’ve lived in the South longer than I've lived in Yorkshire!


I'm a concert manager and work at the Wiltshire Music Centre several times a month, looking after acts from folk to classical and everything in between.


Old buildings and museums bring me so much joy, comfort, inspiration and awe! Which is why I did my two degrees in Heritage.


I love running, walking, reading and spending time with my family and friends (particularly when we’re immersed in nature!)


I intuitively follow what I’m drawn to, meaning I’m constantly adding new things to my wellbeing toolkit. I’m currently fascinated by Human Design (I’m a Projector) and forest bathing!

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