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Gong Sound Baths

Music has always played an important part in my life, from achieving grade 5 in piano as a child to noticing how music and harmonious sounds can change your mood or meet you exactly where you’re at.

"Katy hosted my first ever gong bath, and it was really amazing. During the session Katy made me feel very safe and calm, which allowed me to fully relax and soak up all the effects of the gong. The experience itself was relaxing and powerful at the same time, and I felt effects such as heightened senses, bursts of happiness and clarity, and an intense connection with the world around me for 4-5 days after the session. As a beginner into the world of gong baths I have really felt the positive effects and am so grateful to Katy for introducing this into my life!

Thank you so much!"

Laura - 1:1 Gong Bath

Why the Gong?

After attending a family folk festival in 2022, I experienced my first Gong Bath and fell in love. I was moved so much and felt a lightness and happiness about me afterwards. Talking to the woman next to me, I realised I wasn't alone in this experience.


A few months later, wanting to experience more Gong Baths and not being able to find any locally, I decided to attend an intensive weekend with Sheila Whittaker of the esteemed College of Sound Healing. 


Shortly after I bought my first gong and signed up for the year long accreditation to become a Gong Practitioner. 


As a student Gong Practitioner I love to bring the essence of the gong to you, interwoven with meditation and other instruments to help you feel deeply relaxed, de-stressed and rejuvenated. 


I’m holding regular group Gong Baths in Bradford on Avon and 1:1 sessions in my cosy garden studio.

  • For more details on upcoming Gong Bath events please see here.

  • For information and to book a 1:1 Gong Bath, please do get in touch here.  

  • If you are an organisation and are interested in booking a Gong Bath as part of your wellness support to your employees, please do get in touch here. 

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