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1:1 personalised 6 months of support
Your Path to Personal Wel
lbeing and Fulfilment!
£1200 (
payment options available)

As an adoptive parent, you face unique challenges and experiences on your parenting journey. This coaching package will provide you with the support and tools you need to navigate these challenges through prioritising your wellbeing. Together, we will focus on lifting the lid on your world, identifying what's keeping you stuck, and creating headspace for you to focus on your own wellbeing areas.

The Details

L: Lift the Lid on Your World

We'll dive deep into your thoughts, emotions, and challenges. We'll create a safe and open space for you to discuss what's keeping you stuck and address any issues affecting your well-being. By exploring and understanding your unique experiences as an adoptive parent, we'll lay the foundation for growth and positive change.


I: Intuitive Wellbeing Focus

 With my support, we will tap into your intuition and identify what areas of your life need attention and nurturing. Working on your mindset, exploring your strengths, and developing strategies to enhance your overall wellbeing as an adoptive parent.


F: Follow Your Wellbeing Action Plan

Once we have established a clear understanding of your needs and goals, we will create a personalised wellbeing action plan for the next six months. This plan will serve as a roadmap for your journey, outlining specific actions and practices to help you thrive as an adoptive parent. 


E: Explore Your Purposeful Chapter

Throughout the coaching journey we will explore what your next purposeful chapter in life looks and feels like. Together, we will identify your aspirations, dreams, and goals beyond your role as an adoptive parent. By taking action steps towards these goals, you will gain a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life.

Benefits of the Coaching Package:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique experiences as an adoptive parent.

  • A full Personality Profile report to understand yourself better and those around you

  • Develop a resilient mindset and coping strategies to navigate challenges.

  • Receive personalised support and tools to improve your overall well-being.

  • Create a tailored wellbeing plan to achieve your specific goals.

  • Find a sense of purpose and direction in your life as an adoptive parent.

  • A combination of coaching with remote Gong Therapy, this package will also aide deep relaxation between sessions, supporting your nervous system and rejuvenating you.  From this balanced state you'll make those changes you so desire from a place of ease!

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