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These are the ways that I can support you..

I offer 1:1 coaching, Retreats, Workshops and Gong Sound Healing to help you prioritise your wellbeing.  Imagine a life with more ease, calm and energy to do the things that bring you joy and meaning in life! 


I work online or in person locally, so geography and childcare are covered!

I've made my Coaching accessible to everyone and have a 60 minute session based on 'Pay what you can' each Thursday. You can book one of these slots here. 

Katy Smith coaching outdoors

Calm & Clarity
60 minutes of 1:1 Coaching support 

To help and support you to move forward quickly.. A conversation which will leave you feeling calmer and with a clear route forwards to embrace your wellbeing.

Katy Smith 3 month Coaching package 'Empower me!'

Empower Me!
3 Months of 1:1 Coaching support ( x4 sessions)

Empowering you to deepen that reconnection with yourself so you can ditch any guilt around prioritising your needs. Together we'll delve into what's holding you back. This could look like letting go of the 'shoulds', comparisonitis, Imposter Syndrome and I'll help you LIVE YOUR life on your terms. Ultimately, you'll benefit from being more present and calm each day and your family will see and experience this too.

Katy smith and her 6 month coaching package LIFE

My Signature 6 Month 1:1 Coaching support ( x8 sessions PLUS on-demand support)

Ultimate personalised ongoing support to: ​Develop a resilient mindset and coping strategies to navigate challenges. ​Create a tailored wellbeing plan to reflect your personality type and energy levels. ​Understand why YOU aren't like everyone else and understand how to live YOUR life YOUR way!  ​Discover what gives your life meaning, to work out your next life / career direction.  BESPOKE to you, so we work on what you need!

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