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I'm passionate about helping adoptive parents reconnect to what they truly need for a happier and fulfilling life....

Parenthood, being in the same career for years, juggling life.... at some point in your life, you start to reassess where you are and where you are headed. 

You want to get off the the treadmill of daily life, over thinking and are asking yourself 'is this it?' 

Feeling frustrated, tired and not being wholly present with the kids is a sign that you need to put yourself first.

You may have tried on your own to work out what's missing or what your next steps are but are going around in circles not making the progress you desire.

You lack self-confidence, self-belief and trust in yourself. You lack a clear path forwards and honestly, you're stuck.

What you do know is that you need to focus on your wellbeing, as this needs to be prioritised for any change to be successful.

You don't want to feel this way anymore, you want to be the shining light for your children, showing them and embodying what IS possible in life! 

I can help you!


I'm a qualified ICF accredited Coach and accredited Personality Profiler, using DISC. 


Using my bespoke 'L.I.F.E' programme, I'll help you gain a deep understanding of who you are at your core, what makes you tick and what areas of your life you need to focus on to feel happier, fulfilled and flourishing in life. Grounded in Positive Psychology, you will move towards the life and career you desire, as this is all part of your wellbeing, and have lifelong tools to support you into the future!


Through my warm, calm, empathetic approach and sharp focussed questions, I can help you move from where you are now to where you’d love to be. 

Home: Welcome

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps you to unlock your potential, maximise your performance, and helps you to get the results you are hoping for. It supports you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be far more effectively than if you worked alone....

Coaching a client outdoors

Different ways we can work together

L.I.F.E : Signature 6 month 1:1
Wellbeing Coaching Support Programme


I'll be by your side for 6 months, supporting and guiding you to put your needs first. We'll create a personalised wellbeing plan, so you feel happy and calmer managing life's ups and downs. You'll ultimatley feel more confident and resilient to embrace your next chapter with purpose and direction.

Unravel: 1:1 Coaching support over1 month

We'll create the headspace for you to focus on what you need, to feel happier and more resilient day to day to manage whatever comes your way!

Client Testimonials


"Katy's skills as a Personal Performance Coach are excellent. They enabled me to organise my time efficiently as I attempted to juggle a new full-time job; the establishment of a part-time consultancy business; the completion of an academic book; a house move; and impending fatherhood...An excellent experience and I would recommend Katy to anyone"


Let's have a virtual chat.. see how I can help

Book your complimentary, no obligation 30 minute chat at a time to suit you with KatySmithCoaching.

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