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I'm passionate about helping adoptive parents reconnect to what they truly need for a happier and fulfilling life....

Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated, tired and ultimately not wholly present with the kids?

They may be sensing your disconnect and vying for your attention through their behaviour..

If so, this is a sign that you probably need to put yourself first.

Perhaps the following resonates:​

- You’re trying really hard to do the best for your family but you’re wondering where the support is for you!

- You’re looking for your people and others that ‘get it’!​

- You want to make time for yourself but struggle so you collapse into bed and so it starts again the following day. ​

You don't want to feel this way anymore, you want to be the shining light for your children, being present, showing them and embodying what IS possible in life! 

I can help you!

It can be hard navigating life’s ups and downs without support, all to often families live further away and we feel that we are 'going it alone'.  

I understand and I've been there, learn more about my story here.

My 'Virtual Village of support' meets you where you're at, whether you need low level group support or high level 1:1 support. 

Home: Welcome

A Virtual Village of support for adoptive parents. Regular relaxation sessions and 'Cuppa & Connections'

Creating the headspace and an action plan for what you need to feel happier and more resilient day to day!

L.I.F.E : 1:1 personalised 6 months of support
Your unique path to Personal Wellbeing and Fulfilment!

Client Testimonials


"Katy's skills as a Personal Performance Coach are excellent. They enabled me to organise my time efficiently as I attempted to juggle a new full-time job; the establishment of a part-time consultancy business; the completion of an academic book; a house move; and impending fatherhood...An excellent experience and I would recommend Katy to anyone"


Let's have a virtual chat.. see how I can help

Book your complimentary, no obligation 30 minute chat at a time to suit you with KatySmithCoaching.

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