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5 FREE ways to lift your mood for stressed out parents!

"What do I do to lift my mood?"

This is something that you may not ask yourself very often. Chances are you are busy 'doing' especially at this time of year with Christmas knocking shortly. It's often a time of getting stuff done before the Christmas holidays, finishing up work, attending school Christmas concerts and fayres, meeting up for Christmas drinks ( with numerous different sets of friends and colleagues) wondering what to get people then buying presents you hope they'll like...

No wonder we barely pause to come up and draw breath and question what will lift my mood, if we're feeling anxious, stressed or tense at the moment.

But... this is the question we should really be asking ourselves if we are to give ourselves a fighting chance to get through the rest of the year healthy, without coming down with bugs the children bring home. Spending quality time with our loved ones without it all going by in a blur is what this time of year is REALLY all about, isn't it?

Putting your wellbeing first is paramount in life, not just at this time of year. If we choose not to, our cup can't fill, we feel less resilient and able to cope with what comes our way...

... and when it overflows, this is when we can give to others who need it.

Are you a full or empty cup at the moment?

Many parents struggle to fill their cup.

If this is resonating with you, i have 5 tips to help fill your cup and lift your mood this winter:

  • Do something that you enjoy and makes you feel good, whether that's a bubble bath, going for a run, watching some comedy.. what is it that lifts YOUR mood..maybe make a list!

  • Go outside, fresh air, sunshine and walking has been proven to release feel good hormones, it's free and you can wrap up nice and cosy this time of year and relish in the thought of coming home to a hot cuppa.

  • Get enough sleep. when we sleep our stress bucket is emptied. Scrimp on this and you're going to feel exhausted and stressed. Go to bed a bit earlier, turn off the TV or your phone.. or at the very least put it somewhere where you won't be tempted to scroll and lose yourself in other people's lives. Comparing ourselves to others glossy 'perfect' worlds on social media can affect your mood, making you feel not good enough in whatever department of life you happen to be reading about or looking at. Remember, everyone has their own stuff going on and what's portrayed is just what they want you to see..

  • Be grateful - make it a habit to write down or say to yourself each day 3 things that you are grateful for. This could be from the roof over your head to your family.. what are you grateful for? Gratitudes have been proven to make us 25% happier so just this in itself will help lift your mood.

  • Phone a friend! Talking to someone who get's you and is on the same wavelength can instantly lift your mood. Sharing how you are feeling with someone you value and receiving support in return will put what you are feeling into perspective and help shake off any negative thoughts.

So there you have it, what's your thing you will do today to lift your mood!

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