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What triggers the way you feel as an adoptive parent?

Katy Smith Coaching having a conversation with a friend
Katy Smith putting self care first through spending time with a friend

Do you know?

  • Perhaps you blame others for the way you’re feeling or the mood that you’re in.

  • Perhaps you think you have rotten luck and believe in fate.

Have you ever considered that we make our own life?

I used to believe in fate and what will be will be..

This is true to an extent but only once you have taken action and done your very best at whatever you want to accomplish or achieve.

We have to take responsibility for our actions and that includes understanding what triggers us.

Let me explain a bit further..

You’re trying to get out of the door in the morning and you’re starting to get the familiar sensation of a tight tummy, a closed throat and you’re wondering for the umpteenth time why the kids are doing what you’ve asked them to do. I’m sure you can relate.

Something at this time is being triggered in you to react this way!

When I became aware of this it was eye-opening.