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Wellbeing support for adopters: Insights from an adoptive parent and holistic coach

Wellbeing spelled out in wood

Wellbeing can mean different things to each person and this is why I wanted to share what it means to me in my capacity as an adoptive parent and a coach supporting adopters. 

Wellbeing is at the heart of us. It is who we are at our very core when you strip back all of the conditioning and life experiences which may have negatively affected us. 

Our natural state is wellbeing (wholeness) and It is a return to this state, through awareness and change that we often seek.

We are born whole and our life’s journey and all the daily experiences we have from then on create our current state of wellbeing. 

Our personality is formed in part from our interactions with our parents, peers and teachers as well as the way we view ourselves and the world- the values and beliefs we hold. These are determined in childhood and we carry these with us into our adult lives which may hinder us and not support how we want to show up in the world.

It's only when we can see and become aware of the impact of our life experiences on our ‘self’ can we do something to alter how we feel and act.

Wellbeing can be broken down into the mental, emotional and physical health of our bodies and minds. It’s important to note that what we think affects our bodies. 

If we are feeling stressed for example or anxious this will show up as symptoms in our bodies; perhaps a constant gnawing in the stomach, headaches, weight loss or worse!

My approach

Katy Smith coaching another parent outdoors

I look at the whole person and take a holistic approach to my coaching. Physical symptoms manifesting can be a clue to mental and emotional pressures we put on ourselves or believe others are putting onto us. 

You may come to coaching for something you think is the main challenge you want to fix or change but after having an open and honest conversation, there are other issues at play which come to light.

It’s only through working through the core issues that the ‘symptomatic’ ( the ones you came to me with in the first place) will resolve. 

How do we get to the crux of what is causing you to feel the way that you do?

Through open questioning, deep listening, empathy and providing a safe confidential and non judgemental space, as a coach I pick up on what you're telling me and what you may not be.

Through reflecting my observations back to you through deep questions..think of it as having conversation but with purpose; I help you see your challenges from a different perspective!

I may have experienced similar challenges to you, however everyone’s journey is different. 

Being an adoptive parent will enable me to empathise with you, however I park my experiences so I can fully focus on you. That’s not to say if I think I have a resource which may help and support you, I will offer it to you. 

You are in the driving seat and we go at your pace, working towards what you want to change in your life. 

Areas that I have supported parents with;

  • Making time for yourself without the guilt and building it into your day

  • Understanding your emotions and triggers and managing them

  • Having awareness of anxiety and how to manage it

  • Understanding stress and identifying coping mechanisms

  • Building positive relationships with others ( friends, family, peers, colleagues)

  • Understanding your personality and how you may or may not get on with others.

  • Discovering and engaging in something that brings you joy

  • Finding meaning in life

  • Career change - understanding what you want from the next phase in your life

  • Supporting you to accomplish goals 

  • Physical health management and goals

Wellbeing is much more than self care, although it is a very important part of it and as a coach I will definetly look at this with you .

Having a coach is having someone you can turn to and talk to with the focus just on you!

A coach provides accountability to support you to achieve what you said you were going to do. Coaching enables you through small steps to move forward from where you are currently in life. 

If you’d love coaching support, you can find more details here

Receive my weekly ‘The Reconnect’ with wellbeing tips each Monday ( sign up here).. And as part of my online community you’ll have access to  ‘pay what you can Thursdays’ for a 60 minute coaching session. 

What does Wellbeing mean to you?

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